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Hi, I'm Liz creator of Liz Skincare Wellness. Owner of  Liz Skincare. I live in Miami with my kids and my interns, and I make people pretty for a living. You can look at my website:  If you want me to make you pretty, or just want to say hello, you can get in touch with me by heading over here  
I have been in the skincare and beauty business for as long as I can remember. Offering the best wellness programs and products available. 


As a forward thinking and dedicated Beautician, Degree in Salon Management. Degree in Holistic Practices.  I hold various Licenses in Aesthetics which include: State of Florida Esthetician License, Board Certified Skin Care Specialist, Licensed Waxing Specialist, and a Licensed Body Treatment Specialist. I am a dedicated Senior Spa Event Consultant and Skincare Clinic Owner.
  • Liz Mesa is a native to Miami, Florida and graduated from A Advanced Aesthetic Institute in 2000 with a licensed certification in Aesthetics, State of Florida Esthetician License, Board Certified Skin Care Specialist, Licensed Waxing Specialist, and a Licensed Body Treatment Specialist . Liz is also a dedicated Senior Spa Event Consultant and Spa Owner.
  • Liz was employed by a popular Miami salon for 3 years prior to opening Liz Skincare in Jan of 2005. Mastering the Mankini Wax for men.Well, I couldn’t believe how many men started showing up to the wellness center. I think guys just needed a place that advertised specifically to them so that they didn’t feel like waxing was only for chicks. Most of the guys who come in are straight, successful, and good-looking. Liz's wellness center is one of the first waxing center in Miami FL catering to men's grooming offering experienced full bodyshaving, trimming, and waxing. The ultimate manscaping experience. Catering to your specific needs with the utmost discretion! Unique treatments like bikini facial & body bleaching. She has attended numerous Post Graduate classes on topics ranging from Resurfacing Peels, Microdermabrasion, Facial Massage Techniques, Full Body Waxing including Brazilian Waxing for men, Weight loss treatments, and product knowledge on ingredients for Spa Products. Liz also attends yearly trade shows where she can broaden her knowledge and continue her lifelong education of Skincare.
I continually try to educate myself with all the modern and traditional techniques that are used in the wellness & beauty Industry to provide the highest level of client satisfaction. I strive to stay current and educate and promote wellness .. for a healthier life ... 
PH: 305-541-1630


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Passionate about wellness.  Available for talks and wellness projects and always happy to meet bright people with great ideas. Contact me Via: Social Networking:
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Living Life to it’s fullest is my motto.  I juggle Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, and all the little extras! Passionate entrepreneur, skincare maven, product pusher and lacquer lover, serving up your daily dose of beauty. Skincare Expert, Master Educator + Wellness Center Owner. (at Liz Skincare) ♥HUGS!
Liz Mesa: Skincare & Beauty Blogger
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